Piet Hein Eek: our visit

Piet Hein Eek shopInspiration everywhere!

During the past months Hubert and I have become increasingly interested on furniture design: partly because we have spent a lot of time building with wood and partly because it is time to start thinking about the furniture arrangements of our own the house. As new furniture-design-lovers we are in the process of getting familiar with the trends, materials, designers and events. One of the first well-known designers that we came across was Piet Hein Eek. As soon as we discovered his products we paid a visit to his workshop/showroom and find out what he is all about.

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A house full of surprises

Like a box of chocolates!

In the summer of 2012 I entered the house for the first time as the official owner. Before purchasing it I had done an inspection of the structural integrity of the house, so I knew that there was some restoration work to be done. However, the work turned out to be a lot more than I had expected. Naively, at the moment of signing the contract it looked like a good deal to me, but later on I realized that I should have gotten a big discount instead.

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Quest to Amiens Part III

Aluminum molds

The second round

It was October 2014 when we decided to make our first trip to Amiens. It was the first time that we went on such a quest in search of second-hand objects to furnish and decorate our future house. During the first half of the day we explored the market, practiced our very poor negotiation skills and purchased a few items, such as 2 portholes, 2 tractor seats and a wooden press screw of about a 1m [3.3´]. However, our expedition was only halfway: we had the entire afternoon to keep searching.

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Quest to Amiens, Part II

The treasures

The treasures

The trip we made to Amiens on October 2014 was our very first scavenger hunt. As first time explorers we made quite some preparation mistakes, but we had fun and eventually got back home with the car full of treasures.

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Quest to Amiens 2014, Part I


First time explorers…

Twice a year, Amiens hosts the second biggest second-hand furniture market in Europe, after Lille. It gathers about 2.000 sellers, both professional and amateur and up to 80.000 visitors. For one day (Sunday) the streets of the city center are packed with all sorts of second-hand items: from baby clothes to bedframes, from old books to pieces of art. Anything can be found laying on the streets of Amiens if you search well. Continue reading