Floor heating system: the calculations

Lay Plan - ground floorThe heat

In the previous post about the heating system we talked about the fundamentals of the floor heating systems, their benefits & drawbacks and what were the decisive reasons for us to choose such a system above more conventional ones. Now the question is: where do we start? How many different heating zones do we need? and how much pipe? In this post we will walk through the steps to define the system.

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The layout of the original house

Drawing of the original houseThis is where we started

Since Hubert bought the house, the plans and the design have changed quite a bit. It was clear that the original house had to undergo a major restoration work and that the layout did not fit the new requirements. The design process from the original layout to the final arrangement has been long (over a year purely designing) and it has required plenty of creativity. With this post we are beginning a series related to the design process in which we will walk through the biggest decisions that we have made and the reasons behind them.

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A house full of surprises

Like a box of chocolates!

In the summer of 2012 I entered the house for the first time as the official owner. Before purchasing it I had done an inspection of the structural integrity of the house, so I knew that there was some restoration work to be done. However, the work turned out to be a lot more than I had expected. Naively, at the moment of signing the contract it looked like a good deal to me, but later on I realized that I should have gotten a big discount instead.

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The offset smoker: introduction

beef brisketLow and Slow

Recently another project has born in The Shed. It is all about wood fires, meat and beer: designing and building a real Texas offset smoker! You might ask yourself “Doesn’t this guy have a house to build?”. The answer is simple: yes. But being a technical guy these sorts of things get me interested. I always want to figure out how things work and then try to improve them. Maybe that’s why I always end up with so many projects…

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