Floor heating system: the calculations

Lay Plan - ground floorThe heat

In the previous post about the heating system we talked about the fundamentals of the floor heating systems, their benefits & drawbacks and what were the decisive reasons for us to choose such a system above more conventional ones. Now the question is: where do we start? How many different heating zones do we need? and how much pipe? In this post we will walk through the steps to define the system.

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Floor heating system

Floor heating matsWarm feet in the entire house

Early on the design process we decided to install a floor heating system to warm the house. We decided to do so due to the advantages it entails and its flexibility. This was one of the decisions we never again doubted. We were convinced.

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The right tools: a small overview

The toys of the big boys

When starting a project of this magnitude, investing in a selection of good quality tools is a must. In The Netherlands we have a saying which states that “having good tools is having the work half done”. We have put this saying into good use and purchased some very handy “toys” which were added to the collection! Continue reading